Stopover in Paris, France

Did you know? Paris airport washrooms are far and few..I finally found one after walking around for 10 mins and waiting in line for another 15 mins..I guess I was used to having one every minute and many many stalls in each one. It was pretty though. All the walls and stalls painted in pink. Too bad it was too small and dirty..Oh and there are no seats at the Paris ones..!?! just the bowl. Eeech.

Note to myself: Go to washroom after getting to off the plane before customs.

Anyways, my next flight was in 7+, I decided to hop on the train for a small excursion. (Okay, it was a little more involved then it sounds since I had to find how to get there, which trains, how much, etc..but at the end, I was on the train.) Once on the train, I acted like I was a local and said ‘yes’ to two people who asked me if the train was going to Paris. Seriously, how would I know? I’m just following the directions the subway guy gave me. Maybe, they didn’t see the big subway map I had in my hands. And, what’s the harm, we’re all here for an adventure, right? hehehe..

It was an interesting train ride. I felt like an extra on a french movie..accordian man playing music (reminded me of the movie, Amelie)..casual but well-dressed man walking back and forth mumbling non-sense. I thought maybe he had a bluetooth and I just couldn’t understand his french but no, he was just mumbling..and there was very few people on my section of the train. I guess the movie was turning into a suspenseful french thriller. Images of this well-dressed but disturbed man snapping and attacking the accordian man kept flashing in my head. And, I was freaking out!!!(Quietly, of course) I tried hard to ‘play local’ and pretended like I was on my everyday train-ride. Well, nothing dramatic happened but I guess my acting was transparent..a friendly man in his 40’s approached me to ask where I was going and offered to show me where the transfer train was..apparently, he was going the same way. He was very friendly and even said ‘welcome to paris’. It was so nice…well, for the short time. We ended up walking to a ticketing machine. He punched in a few things on the screen and told me that I needed to buy another ticket for the next train. The ticket I had was done. He said the price for the new ticket was €51.30…Now, maybe if I were 18 and first time in Europe, I would have been fooled. But, I knew I was getting scammed. Plus, the subway guy who sold me the tickets said that the tickets were good for all the way to the museum. Luckily, he wasn’t a terribly bad man because he let me go when he realized I wasn’t falling for it. So, off I went on my own, following directions to the next train.

Note to myself:
1. Don’t sit on the end cart cause there are some strange men on them.
2. Always ask for tickets to my final destination to the info booth man.
3. Don’t get on any train that comes on the track because they don’t all end up at the same destination.
4. Train doors don’t open automatically, I need to push the button on the door.
5. If your ticket fails, climb over the gate (I saw locals to do it too! So, it’s somewhat legit)

Destination: Espace Montmartre Salvador Dali
(aka Salvador Dali museum)
The museum was great. Painter/sculpturer from my favourite art movement, surrealism. I was happy to see some pieces I have never seen before. They didn’t have his most famous piece, The Persistence of Memory though (’s in NY Museum of Modert Art). My favourite piece was Space Venus. I really liked how he worked with the 3D space and his ideas are always so brilliant.

Space Venus 1977-1984 Bronze

The train ride back to the airport was less eventful. Phew!

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6 Responses to Stopover in Paris, France

  1. Donna says:

    Nice. I love the French trains… we had quite a few adventures on them too.

  2. Iris says:

    What an adventure…already! Good luck, have fun. And of course, you know I am loving your blog.

  3. Ashley says:

    I want a post about La Duree’s macaron with pictures! heehee πŸ˜€

  4. Maheen says:

    I love Paris!!! You have to go back there is sooo much to see. Go to the modern art museum, Pompado (I am totally spelling it wrong!). Hang out in the south end too, there is a tall building where the view of Paris is incroyable!

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