Culture Shock in Dusseldorf, Germany

Arrived in Dusselfdorf, Germany late Sunday evening..

My top 5 list of culture shock during my first day here:

5. Clean washrooms! (I guess this is always the first thing I notice..The washrooms in Dusseldorf were so clean and they are environmentally friendly. They use towel dispensers and some have #1 vs. #2 flush buttons. :P)

4. Police officers on Segway Human Transporters at the airport.

3. CNN – only channel I understand on TV..

2. Cab Ride on a Mercedes-Benz

1. “With the snow tires, I could drive only 220km/hr.” – Quote from my co-worker in Germany

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2 Responses to Culture Shock in Dusseldorf, Germany

  1. ShirtsOff4IRS says:

    Remember when we went to London? The guys were impressed that the urinals were splash back free. TMI? I think not, that’s an engineering marvel!

    Stay safe, have fun!

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