Who’s fart..? Ass fart..?

This morning’s conversation with my co-workers..

co-worker 1: “So, what’s the agenda today?”
co-worker 2: “We’re visiting the office in Roermond, Netherlands. Whosfart will be
me:                   “What!?! Who’s fart will be where?”
co-worker 2: “Whosfart in Roermond”
me:                    “HUH!?!??”
co-worker 1: “hahahaha..It’s the manager’s name..Haaf Fahrt”
me:                   “Hehehehe…really?!?! He’s name is who’s fart? hehehehehe”
co-worker 2: “There is another..Assfart”
me:                   “What!?! That’s another name? Assfart?”
co-worker 2: “Assfart..it means exit in German”
me:                    “No way!! I love German!”

I saw the Ausfahrt signs on the highway but it really does sound like assfart (with a British accent). And, now I can’t remember the manager’s first name without thinking his full name, who’s fart…eeeeech! But really…try listening them on the google translator.  I bet you will never forget these German name and word!  ;p

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4 Responses to Who’s fart..? Ass fart..?

  1. Donna says:

    I can’t wait to hear about you giggling when you get introduced…

  2. RD says:

    Of course… it couldn’t have sounded like asphalt?

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