Meat, Beer, Beer and Beer

It was an action packed weekend!  Friday night, we went to an old town in Dusselforf called Altstadt.  It has bars one after another that you could bar hop without much effort.  Unfortuntely, it was too dark (and I was drinking) so I don’t have a decent picture to post..but imagine cobblestone streets with bars at both sides.  There are tables and chairs outside so people are drinking and eating there as well.  The weather has been very good so far(knock-on-wood) It’s pretty comfortable with a jacket to drink/eat outside.  The one thing you wouldn’t notice from outside is how very different these bars are..I thought bars would be pretty similar but I quickly realized it was not true. 

First, we had dinner at an Argentian steak house called El Lazo.  I had the steak covered in mushroom gooey sauce but surprising very tasty.  My co-workers had the more interesting all meats dish..all meat with some corn.  They said it was good.  During dinner, I also had my first German beers..!! The first beer was light, kinda fruity called weibhier(I think)..reminded me of Rickard’s white.  The second beer was darker and a bit bitter called alt..kinda like creemore.  My preference was weibhier.  After dinner and a few beers, we  
                                                                                 were ready for some bar hopping~!


Bar hopping:
1: Kinda funny.  We sat down and instead of asking for orders..The waiter just brought us beers.  This bar, Veriage, brewed their own beer so everyone gets the same beer..same size.  Anyways, this beer was terrible..very bitter.  It must be preferred by older people because the average age was probably 45-55…we paid our 2euros/each (cheap!) and headed to the next bar.

2: Lounge-y techno music kinda place. There was young professionals drinking cocktails and some beers.  We sat down on a high table and ordered a cocktail, enjoyed some techno music and watched some odd looking music videos..It was plesant.  A perfect place for a girls night out or a couple’s night out.  For us, three guys and me, we decided to try another place. 

3: Very heavy rock music with older crowd probably ages 40-50.  It was packed!  By the wall, the older looking men/women were smoking and drinking sitting on their benches while on the floor, more older looking crowd were surrounding the bar banging their heads to the music and drinking.  We didn’t get very far before heading out to the next one.   

4: More of a sports bar. It was also very crowded but we didn’t get very far either.  One of my co-workers stormed out..Something about he saw a cross-dresser..his fake breasts..breast brushing up against his arms….etc. etc.. hehehehe

We then skipped some dance clubs in-between…

5:  A crowded small bar with a young crowd singing to Rhianna & Eminem.  It was packed and people were singing loud.  We managed to get some beers and went to the back of the bar to enjoy the atmosphere.  There, we met this Korean-German(mixed) lawyer who was so excited to see us(Asians)..He insisted taking pictures with us.   I thought it was very interesting and random that we met this Korean-German guy during this bizzard-german-bar-hopping night with my co-workers.  We took a picture with him and I made the mistake of telling him my name and where I worked..but don’t worry, he hasn’t found me on the internet. ;P

Anyways, it was a fun night.  There is a bar for everyone..whatever you are into..with good German beers. 🙂

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