Cathedral in Köln, Germany

Last weekend, we went to the humongous Cathedral in Cologne.  The official name is Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria.  By volume, it’s the sixth largest according to Wikipedia and took 632 years to complete. However, the church has been there since the 1st century.  They continued building around it until 1248 when it became its current gothic form.  It is really beautiful.  I thought it was better than the Notre Dame in France.  It even withstood WWII(or probably wars)..They purposely avoided bombing the church.  So, everything around was destroyed and rebuilt while this huge Gothic structure is kept intact.  The Catheral is a treasure to the city and the catholic church.  Although it costs millions per year to upkeep, the church remains in good shape with donations from all over the world.  (There are also priests standing inside the church with donation boxes hanging around their necks..I thought that was a bit strange)

Anyways, being the enthusiastic tourists, my co-workers and I decided to climb the spiral stairs for 1 euro (Actual cost was 2.50 euros but we decided to use our student cards.…But, it’s not worth the annoyed questions you get from the grumpy old man at the cash. Lesson learned..I will just pay the 2.50 euros next time) Anyways, the spiral staircase is a total workout! I thought the CN tower climb was tough but this was tougher with the added dizziness being spiral and the lack of air in the tiny space..I thought I was going to pass out. One of my co-workers actually gave up three quarters of the way.  The other one passed out for 5-10 seconds at the top (the exact time is unknown because no one else was there with him) And, he got a black eye somewhere in the process.  It’s been fun observing the shades and shapes of his black eye for the last few days..hehe. 

If you are in the area, visit Cologne for at least a day.  It’s not a waste of time.  The Cathedral is amazing to look at, there’s a great Chinese restaurant right in front of the Catheral and a lot of great shopping all around.


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5 Responses to Cathedral in Köln, Germany

  1. Allan says:

    Do you actually do any work? Seems like you’re on vacation….

  2. Donna Chung says:

    This place was awesome. Way to take advantage of work life balance!

  3. XIAO PO says:

    best place beautful

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