Hofbrauhaus..Famous Beer Hall in Munich, Germany

We took the subway in Munich to get to the Marienplatz City Center station.  It’s a busy downtown area so it was a wise decision by my co-worker who had already visited the place.  We also took advantage of the all day ticket, which could be used up to 5 people for only €9.80.  Once you get out of the subway Marienplatz City Center station, there is this huge beautiful old building..I think it was a train station (not sure though) but really fabulous.  Luckily, it was also not destroyed during WWII.

Our destination place, however, was Hofbrauhaus. It’s a famous beer hall with a lot of history..opened in 1592 for a Duke.  Their website explains in detail about the significant events about their beer hall for the last 419 years including the time when the building was almost completely destroyed by massive air raids during WWII.  One thing you won’ find is how it was used by the Nazi Party to declare policies and hold functions or how Hitler made 25 of these proclamations at the beer hall.  I thought it was pretty interesting.

Now, it’s just a big beer hall on 1st and 2nd floor serving local customers and tourists with German food and their signature beer.  On both floors, you will find some fantastic live entertainment.  I personally recommend the 2nd floor for the Germans dancing in shorts then occasionally joined by drunken Asian men. Hehe.  (Click here for the video)

I had the Original HB Brewer’s Pork Steak with stewed onion and baked potato au gratin.  I would have tried the pork knuckle but they were already out of them by 8pm (both kinds..crispy and boiled, darn it).  My pork steak was a bit too salty for my taste but the beer was excellent. The regular customers get to keep their beer mugs called beer steins at the beer hall.  I wonder how much beer you have to drink to get a spot…hmmmm

Munich Hofbrauhaus Drink_2011.01 Munich Hofbrauhaus Hat_2011.01



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