Designer Outlet Roermond, Netherlands

Outlet mall!!!  There’s an outlet mall just 5 mins drive from one of the work offices.  We even get an additional 10% discount for being an employee at our company.  So many choices and so many sales.  I love it!  Apparently, it’s a famous one in Europe…comparable to Woodbury outlet mall in New York.  People from France, UK, Germany come here to spend thousands of euros.  Now, they could add people from Canada for dropping thousands here too.  My co-worker just got a Hugo Boss suit and a Burberry coat..just like that.  It wasn’t easy but I resisted all temptations to purchase…at least this time I did! 😉

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2 Responses to Designer Outlet Roermond, Netherlands

  1. Allan says:

    Hey, you know that a Burberry coat or Hugo jacket would have made a great souvenir for me!

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