Oh La La! Red Light District in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is 3 hours drive from Dusseldorf, where I am staying.  The drive was long and dull but the train would have costed €65 per person and we were all running low on cash at this point.  So we drove.

We entered the red light district around 10pm.  First, I didn’t know what to expect so I was expecting the worst….To my surprise, the ladies were all dressed in bikinis or some kind of outfits. (Phew!)  They were all in these tiny rooms with the windows being like a door to their rooms that usually had a bed or another door to a bed..There were all different kinds of ladies (I heard there were men too..but we couldn’t find the right street..haha) The prettier ones were on this very narrow street where only one or two people could squeeze by.   I was dared to knock and ask them how much and what it includes…I couldn’t do it.  I guess it was still early.  There were hardly anyone asking or going into these ladies’ room. I thought it would be rude to bother their peaceful time with our dares..I later learned it’s approx. €50 per 15 minutes.

And then, there was the smell of sweet weed..It wasn’t like any other weed I smelled before. Something about being good weed and the ones I had smelled on the streets of Toronto had been bad ones..That was as close as I got to weed that night though..We were all curious about the ‘space cakes’ but I was also warned about very bad first experiences so we didn’t even bother going into a café.  Maybe next time.

Other interesting places were the ‘banana’ shows…I didn’t even know places like these existed!  Bouncer like men were calling out “Ladies are also welcome. €25. Very good show!”  Oh boy..The red light district in Amsterdam was definitely a very interesting place..

(Ummm…wordpress won’t let me post any pictures. Do they screen content?)

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