Who’s raining on my parade?

Continental, American Airline, Air Canada..Been awake for 26 hours. Been at the airport for 6 hours. After some frustrating long conversations about missing our gate time because they told us to stay in line and directed us to the wrong places..We now sit at Terminal 1 Pearson Toronto Airport (that’s right..not Houston or San Juan where we were supposed to be..) 6 trips to/from terminal 1 to 3. 4.5 hours behind our schedule. 28 hours before cruise boarding starts..I still see snow. 😦

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2 Responses to Who’s raining on my parade?

  1. Maheen says:

    Oh no!!!! I hope you make it to your cruise. I REALLY dislike airline delays especially with United and Continental (they are worst airline service ever). Did you know that they merged together last year sometime. Anyways, hope you make it! Safe travels!

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