Arrived in Narita, Japan

Flying business class was overall very comfy. 🙂 At first, I was feeling very awkward in my pod and about getting so much attention but I got used to it really fast. I shall fight for my ‘rights’ at work more promptly when the issue about flying business vs. economy rise again.

Arrived at Narita airport, about 55mins from Tokyo by train. Following my co-workers directions, I bought a Narita express(NEX) ticket and the foreigner IC card and hopped on the train..(Again, like in Paris, it wasn’t as smooth as I make it sound..but the point is I’m here and on my way to the hotel!)

Some observations so far..
1. A lot of people wearing in labs. I felt like a disease coming off the plane but decided it’s probably them who’s sick and don’t want to spread their germs. All them and not me.
2. Escalators that could hold baggage carts. I was walking around the airport for an elevator then saw people taking the carts on the normal escalators. I thought it was cool..
3. Canadian dollar doesn’t go far. I exchanged CAD$200 and got ¥15,158. My NEX ticket was ¥3,500 one way..IC card ¥5,500. Good thing they took AMEX.

After an hour of painful walk through the peak hours on the Tokyo trains (most of time spent on the sideline trying to find the right time to bud through the crowd with my two luggage bags, laptop bag and a folding chair that I thought was a good idea to bring as a training! Fail) and another 15mins walk to the hotel in drizzling rain, I’m here. The room is not as small as I thought it would be..a double bed, closet, chair, desk, tv, washroom with a bathtub. Now, if I could figure out how to change the room temperature, I will be all set.

Another observation:
4. A lot of people everywhere!

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3 Responses to Arrived in Narita, Japan

  1. Al says:

    Glad you made it there safely! A little jet lagged?

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