Top Ten Things To Do in Taipei, Taiwan

1. Eat at Din Tai Fung & Dessert on Yongkang St.

Soooooo good.  The best dim sum place I’ve ever been!  I found some recommended dishes on the internet and they were all excellent. 

1. Shrimp & Pork Wontons in Red Chili Oil (not too spicy)
2. Steam Chicken Soup
3. Fried Rice with Egg & Shrimp
4. Steam Pork Dumplings
5. Pork & Vegetable Wontons in Red Chili Oil

2. Try Traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes

The tourist map points to Vigor Kobo as the best place but the locals recommend ChaiTe.  I tried the Vigor Kobo’s Tai Chi Pineapple Cakes so far but it didn’t meet all the hype.  I’m too full to try the ChaiTe…

 3. Get a Foot Massage

A popular activity for the tourists and locals.  They also have them in Las Vegas..but the real stuff are in Taipei. Best place is by Westin Taipei.  Ask for seat number 10 or 11.

4. Visit the Longshan Temple

This was the most colorful temple I’ve seen.  When I was visiting, they were having a ceremony.  There’s chanting, incense burning, and table full of food and flowers donations. 

 5. Taipei 101

There are great restaurants inside and clubs/bars outside.  Some fun facts about Taipei 101:

  • Bamboo design concept
  • 2 Olympic size pools to support the fire sprinklers
  • Enough cabling from Taipei to Rome and back
  • Elevators take 30secs to reach the top.  Don’t worry it’s pressure control so you won’t feel your ear pop
  • 17,000 windows that take 4 teams of 2 workers 3 months to clean
  • It’s the tallest building in one of the most hazardous place (seismic)

 6. Visit the Night markets

There are a lot of them everywhere.  The most famous night market in Taipei is Shi Lin. Interesting food and cheap shopping.  My co-workers wouldn’t tell me exactly what we were eating at the time..because they know I wouldn’t eat it if I knew.  They told me later…  So far, I’ve eaten, blood jello, pig’s ear, ox’s tongue, pig intestine..

 7. Visit the Day markets

Underneath the Jiangua S. Rd, there are Artist, Flower and Jade Markets.  Each vendor has a little table setup with some local gems…They are mostly selling the same things so you kina wonder how they even make money.  Maybe they enjoy sitting there and talking to their neighbors?  Anyways, I saw this one American girl with a jade bracelet on..the Chinese lady was trying to convince her that smaller is better but the American girl wasn’t convinced.  She asked the Chinese lady to take it off…I was standing there about 5 minutes looking at them trying to take this bracelet off..I had to eventually walk away because it was obvious that I was being rude and they were not getting that thing off..

8. National Palace Musuem

I really wanted to go…but both of my co-workers who were previously in Taipei were already there and fell asleep.  They would not budge about re-visiting.  I read really good reviews about the museum. They also had a special Marc Chagall exhibition that I really wanted to go see.  Without knowing Mandarin, it’s really hard to venture out and I also didn’t have too much time to get lost..A must-to-do when/if I return to Taipei.  Pictures is from a random visit to Bo-Pi-Liao Historic Street Renovation area I found when I got lost after visiting the Longshan Temple.

 9. & 10.  TBD

I didn’t really have enough time to figure out #9 and #10.  I will come back and update.  😛

Any suggestions?

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8 Responses to Top Ten Things To Do in Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Kristen says:

    Girl, have u gotten a bubble tea there yet? Taiwan is supposed to be the motherland for bubble tea. Soo jealous, I want to go to that dim sum place too! My parents brag about that place to me all the time 🙂

  2. Iris says:

    I also went to Din Tai Fung today… In Toronto. Lol

  3. Louis Hoo Singapore says:

    Going tpe 1st time in Jan 2013. Thanks for your compile list for tpe. Suggesting 9 10 … Hot spring

  4. tr4velgeek says:

    I am visiting Taiwan soon, will definitely visit most of the places you mentioned here. Thanks.

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