Finding Marc Chagall in Korea

When my friend suggested that we visit the Chagall exhibition, I was thrilled.  I was bummed that I had missed it in Taipei but had no idea they were running another exhibition in Korea. 😀

I always liked the floating people in Chagall’s painting.  His work can be described as many things, surrealism, fauvism, cubism, Jewish, modern, etc. but of his many styles, I enjoy his oil paintings that emphasize cubism and surrealism with watercolor-like textures.  His color combinations are amazing and the lines and shapes are uniquely put together to make a story.  The exhibition carried many of his paintings, there were a variety of themes and styles from different stages of his life.  Some I liked..Some I didn’t..

Interested facts about Chagall (from my perspective)

o  He liked farm animals.  There are a lot of donkeys, goats and chickens in his paintings.  In hindsight, we could interpret it many complex psychological ways..but he just liked them. The tour guide also agreed.

o  He was somewhat twisted.  He did many painting related to the circus.  There was this one huge, wall-to-wall painting called Decoration of the Jewish Theater.  At the first glance, it’s festive and fun.  When you walk closer and start reading the description, you find a man being castrated, a man peeing on a pig then the others celebrating playing music and doing somersaults..

  • He had a great sense of humor.  In a couple of his paintings, I found a man squatting.  You can’t explain it any other way…..Right?

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