This time of the year in Toronto, ON

It’s spring time!  I usually come out of my winter hibernation and start attempt my new year’s resolution: run a half marathon (well, at least for the last two years, I did 😉 ) Anyways, I thought I share my favourite spots to pass the time during long boring runs:

1.  Lighthouse run at Tommy Thompson Park.  It’s about 12km back and forth so I usually get myself (mostly mentally) ready for a day or two.  At least one run during the week..It has an amazing view of Toronto downtown.  I think all CN Tower postcard pictures were taken at this lighthouse…

2.  Edward’s Garden/Wilket Creek Park.  5km back and forth from the parking lot.  Great for the summer weeknights because it’s short and trees provide shades.  Need a bigger challenge? Try the full Don River path 14km.

3.  Toronto Waterfront – Lakeshore Blvd W & Windermere Rd..  It could be as long or short.  I usually stop on my way from work, change in one of the public washrooms, run to the CNE and back to the parking lot.  Nice and breezy run along the water..

4.  High Park, Toronto.  5-8km run.  The Cherry blossoms in High Park explode into bloom around this time. 2000 trees were a gift from Tokyo, Japan in 1959 and have been a magical sign of spring ever since..A little bit of Japan in Toronto.

5.  Ashbridges Beach to R. C. Harris Water Treatment plant.  It’s about 7km from the beginning of the boardwalk to the water treatment facility.  Did you know that the water treatment facility is a national historic civic engineering site? It’s an architectural masterpiece built in the 1930’s with the classical version of the Art deco style.

(And yes, I cheated….they are not my pictures. I didn’t quite get myself out there to take pictures since the blog started..)

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2 Responses to This time of the year in Toronto, ON

  1. Maheen says:

    You are motivating me to run! I am thinking of running the Scotiabank Half again. The new date is now in October. I will send a note out this week for those that might be interested. The ultimate goal – Walt Disney World 2012!!! Safe Travels!

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