Trying to keep busy in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville.  They pronounce it, French. It’s named after King Louis XVI of France.  Now, it’s most famous for the Kentucky Derby but, of course, I’ll be gone before it.  So…my mission during the two-week stay: To enjoy all my midwest fast foods…hehehe.  First one:  Skyline Chili!!

I love it!  Once upon a time when I was a young and naïve co-op student in a small town called Erlanger, Kentucky, I regularly indulged myself with these very delicious chili dishes.  I always ordered the famous cheese coneys, 3-way (spaghetti+chili+cheese) and diet coke(to release some of the guilt :P).  Today, I once again satisfied my cravings…mmmm..mmm…mmmmm

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3 Responses to Trying to keep busy in Louisville, Kentucky

  1. Maheen says:

    I love it!! You should try and visit places listed on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!

  2. Two things: It is NOT pronounced “loo-eee-ville,” at least not to natives or to regionals (anyone born within 100+ miles of the city): it is pronounced “luh-uh-vull” or, if you want to say it really quickly, “luh-vull.” Secondly, the chili you are featuring there is not a Kentucky product AT ALL (and I’m a Kentucky native who was born on, as they say in the Greater Cincinnati area, “on the wrong side of the river). Skyline Chili originated in Price Hill, a neighborhood of west side Cincinnati, Ohio. Skyline is probably one of THE gold standards of chilis in the region – a Greek chili. There are several others. The local Kentucky version in Covington, KY, is Dixie Chili. Please get your facts straight! Keep traveling!

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