Bone Fish Grill

I really didn’t intend this to be a food blog..but unfortunately, it’s the easiest or sometimes the only thing available to do..EAT, EAT and EAT! (I’m not complaining :D)

Today’s review: Bone Fish Grill

It’s like Keg for seafood. Available in mid and eastern US. Nice cozy atmosphere..average age: 55(when I was there). Happy hour wine $2.50. Appetizer: popcorn shrimp with some asian style sauce. $9. Free baked bread with pesto sauce more like sourdough. Entree: Mahi Mahi 6oz with mahucuzzi sauce $16. Dessert: Chocolate Brulee $10.

It was good to have something light after all the greasy food I was having but a bit too much sauce on my fish. I would ask for sauce on the side and opt for asparagus versus the green beans I ordered. The bread+pesto oil was my favorite then the chocolate brulee. Yum Yum

Jin’s ratings:
Food 6.5/10
Dessert 7/10

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2 Responses to Bone Fish Grill

  1. Al says:

    Ah, Bone Fish…. food is so so, but u do remember the cute waitresses there. True in Louisville too?

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