Where to go shopping in Puerto Rico?

I found three great shopping spots in San Juan, Puerto Rico area.  Unfortunately, I also spent most of my first week at these places..Can you hear the many “cha-ching” sounds?

 1)      Old San Juan – A great mixture of local souvenir shops and some brand names that are familiar to all.  I just like walking around and getting lost in this area…pretty houses with interesting doors, sculptures at different ends of the streets, the blue cobblestone roads and then shopping!



2)      Plaza Las Americas –Approx 15 mins drive from Old San Juan.  If you’re a tourist, don’t forget to visit the customer service desk for a coupon book and a gift! Just show them your hotel card.  This is like a typical mall with many stores..comparable to Square One in Toronto.  Over 300 stores + Macy’s.


3)      Puerto Rico Premium Outlet Mall –  *sigh*  my favorite..It’s in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico (approx. 1hr from San Juan)  The first time, my co-worker and I avoided the toll roads and went through some sketchy areas..Undo the ‘avoid tolls’ on your GPS..Believe me, it’s worth the $2.00 toll.  Much much faster too! With the coupons from the premium outlet mall website and the VIP coupon book at customer service desk, it’s a shopper’s heaven.  Well, a mini one compared to Woodbury in NY but it’ll do for now.  It does have a better size selection 😉

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3 Responses to Where to go shopping in Puerto Rico?

  1. Ashley says:

    Shopping! Woooo I’m so jealous! All those places look so nice!! 😀

  2. Kristen says:

    old san juan, is that where I got my infamous panama hat? 2nd pic looks like that shop we went back in Feb 🙂

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