Awe Stricken at El Yunque National Forest

It was incredible! The only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System is the headwaters for eight watersheds that provide an estimate 11.6 billion gallons per day of water..enough water to provide to the local communities. The park is visitor friendly. I had asked my local co-worker if it was dangerous and he had a funny smile and said no. I now know why.. The way to the park is very easy. Take the highway PR26 that turns into PR66 then a few local streets, well marked with signs, then some winding roads, which is PR191 and you are there. Other than the $1.50 toll, everything is free. There are parking spots in front of trails and viewing areas. The trails are well maintained that you won’t get lost unless you are really trying to. I tried two trails: the Coca and the Big Tree. The Coca was really fun in the’s all downhill then you hit these really nice water falls and private pool areas. Amazing views all the way! Not a lot people were on this trail though and I understood why later. Getting back is painful. Uphill! At first, I tried hard to avoid walking through the muddy areas and grabbing any trees but when you’re huffing and puffing, it all doesn’t matter. You have to do anything to get back..haha. I suggest the Big Tree or the Mina trail, if you want a easier walk and friendly for the seniors and children. The water areas at the end of these trails are packed with other people but you won’t be hurting the next day like me…but I would do it again. It was really an awesome experience!
(no thugs or big wild animals around, it’s an island so they only have small animals, birds, fish. People, a mixture of tourists and locals, are very friendly :P)


20110508-105103.jpg 20110508-101426.jpg 20110508-101737.jpg

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2 Responses to Awe Stricken at El Yunque National Forest

  1. Maheen M says:

    Wow – so pretty!!! Keep blogging, it feels like I am traveling with you.

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