Pyramids in Mexico

Yesterday, we visited a town called Teotihuacan(approx. 1hr drive from Mexico City), an amazing historic site. It has two pyramids, Sun and Moon and a temple dating back to 200BC. The three sites are connected by a long road called the Avenue of Dead and it has platforms along both sides that used to be temples. The archeologists believe that the city was at its peak in 450CE spreading as far as 30km square and occupied as many as 250,000 people. Some believe Teotihuancans had political and militaristic influence to the surrounding regions during that period but some also say it’s debatable. Based on some evidence, the city came a collapse in 6th century when the region experienced lengthy droughts due to climate changes. My local co- workers also shared that there were more sites like Teotihuacan in Mexico but were destroyed or now underneath the cathedrals that the Spanish built.

The climb to the top of Pyramid of Sun was exhausting. I was advised to step-up sideways for seven steps at a time on each side as some steps were also very short and steep..but, it didn’t really help. I rested every chance i got and finally made it to the top. Ahhh..the feeling of accomplishment. The rain hit us hard during our walk to Pyramid of Moon so we had to turn back but I wasn’t too disappointed. It looked like another long climb up. 😛

20110626-024703.jpg 20110626-025001.jpg 20110626-044933.jpg 20110626-044426.jpg 20110626-025305.jpg 20110626-042720.jpg 20110626-042745.jpg 20110626-042829.jpg 20110626-042908.jpg 20110626-045836.jpg

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3 Responses to Pyramids in Mexico

  1. AL says:

    Wow! Looks like a long trek! Was this taken with your new camera?

  2. Maheen says:

    Lovely pics!

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