Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Ryan Rhodes

Boxing! I never been a boxing fan. The closest interest is my fascination with UFC, more specifically knock outs and submissions. But when I heard that there was a big boxing fight in Guadalajara while we were there, I really wanted to go. I just didn’t think it was possible. Where do you get tickets, especially the day before the fight? Well, all was possible when there was a will. 😛

So, we were there, floor seats five rows behind the ring. It was most excellent! The energy inside the stadium was crazy. We also had no idea our seats were so good. There were models, other boxers, Mexico’s richest person, all around us (or so said my local co-worker). I didn’t really recognize anyone. Anyways, the fights were awesome! The last three were the most memorable.

The fight between Marco Antonio Periban and Alfredo Contreras went on forever. You could really tell the boxer’s personality by the way they fight, or at least their fighting style. Contreras was very arrogant and Periban was very sincere. Contreras had this smirk on his face the whole time, even while he was getting beaten! He was like iron man. He got punched hundred times and was still standing and smirking! At the end, Periban got unanimous decision victory.

And, Wow! The fight for junior lightweight champion was quick and powerful. Adrien Broner had first round technical knockout victory over Jason Litzau. In the beginning, it seemed like Broner was taking it slow and giving Litzau a chance. Then, there was this one move where Litzau pushed Broner on his chin and that set Broner off. He was pissed off and just went at Litzau like a mad man. In a flash, Litzau was knocked out!! Phew.

The main fight was better than the rest. It was controlled but aggressive. It took all twelve rounds for Alvarez to win his title but he deserved it. He didn’t lose focus and maintained his perfect posture(comment from my boxing fan co-workers). At the end, Rhodes could no longer defend himself and his coach threw the towel into the ring, which apparently meant forfeit. The crowd went nuts. They were so proud Alvarez of winning in his own hometown. They chanted Canelo Canelo, which means cinnamon and also his nickname. I think I like boxing now. 🙂

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20110628-090012.jpg 20110628-090159.jpg

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2 Responses to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Ryan Rhodes

  1. Roger says:

    Wow, close enough to see the sweat flying off their heads!

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