Guadalajara Zoo

On our last day in Guadalajara, we went to zoo! The animals were a bit cramped in their spaces but they look well fed. Most of them were taking naps. My favorite part was the giraffes. They come close enough that you could pet and feed them. I love the zoo!

20110628-105938.jpg 20110628-110123.jpg 20110628-110330.jpg 20110628-110658.jpg 20110628-111631.jpg 20110628-110902.jpg 20110628-111448.jpg 20110628112259.jpg 20110628112448.jpg 20110628-112722.jpg 20110628-113059.jpg

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2 Responses to Guadalajara Zoo

  1. Iris! says:

    jealous about your giraffe experience!

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