Being a Girl in Brazil

Being a girl/women in Brazil means you are greeted differently or speak in ‘feminine’ terms..For example, every morning, men shake hands and women get a kiss on the right cheek. ‘Thank You’ in Portuguese is obrigado for men and obrigada for women. So, if you are a guy, you say obrigado and if you are a girl, you say obrigada. These daily rituals have been awkward and strange to me. I got a taste of it in Mexico with the greetings but it seems to be a level higher in Brazil. Sometimes, I opt to just say thank you in English or offer my hand for a hand shake instead. Today, I came across another bizarre sexist incident at the mall food court. A buffet had a different price for men and women. $16.90 for men and $15.90 for women (notice how only $16.90 is in big bold letters!?). No price difference between adult and children..just between genders. The receipts were even different. I get a pretty pink one because I’m a girl…I piled on a lot more food on my plate than my male co-worker. 😛

20110724-034725.jpg 20110724-034853.jpg

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