Held at Gun Point

Not me. My co-workers. So this is what happened..Three of my co-workers were walking to a nearby pizza place from the hotel when they saw a group of 20-30 young guys running pass them towards the park. They waited on the side of the sidewalk and let them pass. The group went towards another direction so my co-workers kept their path towards the pizzeria. A couple minutes later though, the group came back running towards my co- workers and some them even slowed down to walk at the same pace. Oh, did I mention some of these guys had bricks in their hands? Anyways, what were my co-workers to do? They ended up just walking with them, blended in with these young rebels. Things started to get crazy when they heard sirens and then saw a police car speeding in the opposite direction of the traffic and stopping parallel to the group and my co-workers with a 360degree spin. My co-workers kept on walking as they had nothing to do with this scene but the police came out with guns pointing and demanded them to stop(or that’s what it looked like since none of my co-workers spoke portuguese). Anyways, my co-workers ended by putting their hands up with guns pointing to their heads..two of them were let go quickly (I guess they looked older than the group) The one co-worker with a shaved head, muscle shirt and somewhat of a baby face had to stay in the line-up longer though until the other co-workers could convince the police with the little Portuguese they knew. So, no one was hurt but we had another gun point story to add to the list..(there’s been a few but no one has gotten hurt). Good thing we are not in Mexico where some police just start shooting without asking any questions or listening to anybody.

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