The most exciting thing I found in Goiania during the last three weeks? Bananas! Haha..This trip has been full of work. Working shifts at weird hours and having only one day off, prevented us to go anywhere interesting except the mall, walmart and outback, all 5mins walk from the hotel. So when we had the one free day, my team decided to venture out to a nearby park which was 15mins walk from the hotel. (yes, we don’t stray too far..:P) It was a nice park, surrounded by high rise buildings and local vendors selling coconut drinks. It even had wifi! The most fascinating part for me were the bananas!! They had some kind of rope and bud hanging from the bundle bananas. I’ve never noticed those before..

20110730-095737.jpg 20110730-095947.jpg 20110730-100535.jpg 20110730-100756.jpg 20110730-101805.jpg 20110730-102228.jpg

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2 Responses to Bananas!

  1. Al says:

    Wow, cool. Seems like you are actually working this trip. 😉

    I like the pics! How do you like your newish dslr?

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