Edificio Italia in Sao Paulo

Excellent view from 44th floor of the second tallest building in Sao Paulo! It’s pricey though. We went for the afternoon tea after reading some online reviews but they weren’t offering it at the time. So, it came down to two options: BRL$90 (approx. CAD$55) for lunch buffet or BRL$13 (CAD$8) entrance fee plus drinks for the piano bar. Having no room in our stomaches to make the lunch worthwhile, we chose the piano bar. It seemed like the right choice. The view was amazing! The small, approx. 1,000 sq ft bar had windows 270degress around the restaurant with 1960’s decor and music. No one was playing at the big grand piano but it was pleasant. I took many shots with my fancy camera changing settings and lens and drinking cocktails. We stayed for an hour enjoying the view and atmosphere. However, the big surprise came with the bill..we thought we heard BRL$13 but it was actually BRL$30($18) entrance fee person plus the drinks..a pure tourist moment. duhhh.. (Afterthought: visit during the weekdays. It’s free between 3pm to 4pm or just stick with BRL$15 viewing fee.)


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2 Responses to Edificio Italia in Sao Paulo

  1. XIAO PO says:

    If u in HKG check W hotel building

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