Sightseeing in São Paulo

We went to the Sé subway station where they offer free city tours. It’s called Tourismo Metro and tours are Saturday and Sunday 9am and 2pm. They have four or five different routes so it’s worth going multiple time slots if you have the time. It sure beats the BRL$420 city tour that we found since both tours cover the same locations. Only thing you need to pay for is the subway tickets with Tourismo Metro.

Cathedral Sao Paulo
20110913-074150.jpg 20110914-082428.jpg
Built in 1913 for four decades, it’s just outside of Sé subway station.

Municipal Market
20110914-074736.jpg 20110914-075156.jpg
Famous market in Sao Paulo. They sell all sorts of meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, spices, etc. Try the pasties!

Luz Park
20110914-085413.jpg 20110914-075908.jpg
One of many parks in Sao Paulo. It has a variety of plantation. Even trees from the amazon were planted here. My favorite was the elephant foot tree, or at least that’s what the tour guide said it’s called because it has trunks like the elephant foot.

Pinacoteca Museum
20110914-080505.jpg 20110914-083832.jpg
A small museum at Luz park. Free admission. 🙂

Carmo park
20110914-084237.jpg 20110914-081309.jpg
Another park on the east side of São Paulo. They advertised august cherry blossom festival but we didn’t see one cherry blossom. Lies! It was a nice park though..saw a turtle, many abandoned dogs, a crane, ducks and squirrels. I guess squirrels are not common in Brazil. People were amazed with them..

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