São Paulo vs Atlético Paranaense

Brazil is known for their love of football. The fans. The stadiums. The teams. We were in the heart of it all and it didn’t make any sense not to see a match. 😛 So, one Saturday morning, we called the phone number on an advertisement in the hotel lobby and booked a trip to the biggest stadium in São Paulo, Morumbi Stadium, also home to the São Paulo football club.

The match was fun. I had hoped to sit with the rowdy fans but our driver picked us up at hotel in a fancy land rover and gave us tickets to the family zone. I guess it was the safest place..just in case riots broke out after the match. The family zone was also the emptiest area. People just sat anywhere regardless of the designated tickets and tv reporters came to do their pieces as there were plenty of space. And, yes, the lady with the big bum was also from a tv station. It was the first question my co-workers had to ask the driver when we got back to the car..”who is she!?” flashing the photos on their blackberries..haha. The quiet family zone had also became very rowdy when she came. Don’t know where all the guys suddenly came from..Lol. Overall, an interesting football match. Next time though, I would go to a smaller stadium and buy the ticket online. We paid the driver BRL$190 each when the ticket was only BRL$30. The fancy land rover ride was not worth the extra BRL$160. 😯

20110915-101221.jpg 20110915-101622.jpg 20110915-102258.jpg 20110915-102518.jpg
Oh yeah. The final score. 2:2 tied.

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2 Responses to São Paulo vs Atlético Paranaense

  1. Maheen M says:

    Wow – soccer in South America is definitely different than North America. She was a news reporter, seriously?? Gald you were able to stay safe!

  2. Jim says:

    that’s a big bum.

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