Tijuca Rainforest

Just like Rio, the movie! It’s beautiful. The story is that a long long time ago, the entire forest used to be coffee farms but a fire destroyed everything. Since then, people re-planted the trees and the rainforest was created. The interesting fact in the story is that it took only six men to re-plant the entire forest.. 😛

20111015-125131.jpg 20111015-010951.jpg

The jeep tours are famous there and you could easily find them online or ask the hotel front desk. My favorite part of the tour was the monkeys that lived in the forest. They were high up on the trees so we didn’t get a good look but it was fun trying to find them during our tour. Also, The sight on our climb to the high points was amazing. Unfortunately, we didn’t see a real rare blue parrot that is featured in the movie (only the fake plastic ones they had on display) 🙂

20111015-125525.jpg 20111015-010718.jpg

20111015-010312.jpg 20111015-010143.jpg 20111015-010025.jpg

20111015-010828.jpg 20111015-020324.jpg

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3 Responses to Tijuca Rainforest

  1. iris says:

    so in your pic, those blue parrots are plastic? too bad, b/c they looked exciting.

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