Day Trip to Rio Camuy Cave and Areceibo Observatory

It was a great day trip from San Juan! We visited the Rio Camuy Cave, ate at El Torino, had ice cream at Heladeria Lares and visited the Arecibo observatory in one day. They are all near to each other so you could make the most of your trip! (El Torino was the closest restaurant to the cave but it was just ok..if you know better restaurant, suggest you go there, instead.)

For the Rio Camuy cave, you take a winding road on a tram to the cave entrance then walk through the caves with a tour guide. You are given an audio device with earphones (English or Spanish) so you can listen to a description of what you see as you go through the cave system. I kept walking too fast or too slow but you get the general idea of what the cave includes. The tour guide also answers any questions you may have. I particularly enjoyed the caves because it was easy to walk through and not too long while still seeing all the great features of the different caverns. The cave is sufficiently well lighted for the great pictures! 😀

Puerto Rico entrance to cave_2011.10.23  Puerto Rico cave entrance 2_2011.10.23Puerto Rico cave exit_2011.10.23  Puerto Rico frog_2011.10.23

My favorite part was this naturally sculptured witch face. Can you see her??Puerto Rico cave witch_2011.10.23

Puerto Rican food at El Torino. Not the best place I’ve been to but still delicious~! 🙂

Puerto Rico Dish2_2011.10.23 Puerto Rico dish_2011.10.23

Areceibo Observatory is a radio telescope and operated by the company SRI International under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. The observatory’s 1,000 ft (305 m) radio telescope is the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. It is used in three major areas of research: radio astronomy, aeronomy, and radar astronomy observations of the larger objects of the Solar System. Scientists who want to use the telescope submit proposals, and these are evaluated by an independent scientific board. (So says Wikipedia) Doesn’t it look like something aliens travel through? Like in those science fiction movies?? There wasn’t much to the visit except a short video about the place and this gigantic telescope but if you are in the area, why not? Guess I’m not a scientist.. 😛

Puerto Rico Aricibo Observatory3_2011.10.23  Puerto Rico Aricibo Observatory2_2011.10.23

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