My Nightly Bird in Puerto Rico

‘Bo-peep bo-peep bo-peep’ At first, my co-worker and I thought it was a recording around the hotel..The singing is very pretty. We thought it added to the tropical theme. Anyways, I had forgotten about it until I came back and noticed that it only sings at night (at least where I’m staying). It took some time to get use to and I stayed up during the night wondering what kinds of birds only sing at night!?!

Well, mystery solved! My nightly bird turned out be a frog! The small Puerto Rican frog is called Coqui and very common on the island. After knowing this, it seems like there is a lot of frog related souvenirs and advertisements in Puerto Rico..It also doesn’t sing only at night..just the one(s) near me. 😕 click here to see/hear for yourself.

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2 Responses to My Nightly Bird in Puerto Rico

  1. The T says:

    I have them at my place too, when it rains, they get much louder….some of them are half of the size of your fingernail….yet they can belt out huge sound! So many diferent types of tiny frigs in the islands…beautiful and some are very poisonous, so be careful….the coqui looks very similar to the cuban tree frog which will poison you on contact….


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