Laptops Stolen in Roermond, Netherlands

We have been to Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico,..some of the more ‘dangerous’ areas in the world. So naturally being in a smaller city Roermond, Netherlands, we did not expect to come back to our rental car with a broken window and our laptops stolen in a public paid parking with security cameras after dinner. The parking lot was right beside Theatre Hotel, a pretty fancy hotel! The laptops were covered in the trunk and doors locked. Anyways, the four of us were stunned..4 laptops, 1 tablet, 1 wallet, 1 new leather bag, memory cards..(some of my more sentimental things, superman house key, vpn token, company usb stick and my favorite 5-color pen) but more importantly many years of emails, projects, files gone..I brilliantly did not have any back-ups.:( Luckily, my company just implemented e-mail eArchive, a change I had complained about earlier this week and now, I’m so happy that they made the least one year of emails and some files saved. Still..It’s not the greatest feeling to have something stolen.

The story that we heard from the hotel reception was that they have had gang activities in the area before such as armed robberies but hadn’t heard any events recently. Apparently, these gang members have scanning devices that detect wifi and/or bluetooth. The parking lot security guy, who got a call from the hotel reception, was more upset than we were when he came to make the stolen report but had no remorse telling us the camera right in front of our car was a dummy. A call to the police only ended us with an appointment time for the upcoming Friday. We are all hoping we’ll at least get the bags back with just the laptops missing..but, none of us are holding our breath. *sigh*

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4 Responses to Laptops Stolen in Roermond, Netherlands

  1. Maheen says:

    Oh no!!! That is awful news, glad you and your colleagues are safe though. Backing up is key! Safe return home.

  2. Al says:

    Oh no! I’m just glad you are safe!

  3. Yeni says:

    Unny, how are u? I just feel so sorry to read that this happened to you in Holland. Fortunately, you are safe! Yes, we should be careful of this kind of criminal in particular there. I will visit your blog again!

  4. Thank you all. Yes, it was a terrible experience but everyone is safe!

    I’ve learned my lesson..Now, I carry my bag everywhere and have in my schedule to back-up every month. 😉

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