Heinekein Experience in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 1864 in Amsterdam and started shipping internationally in 1873, Heineken is one of most well-known premium beers in the world. It has won numerous awards around the world and through four generations of family ownership and different leadership styles, Heineken is now brewing billions of liters of beers each year. Each bottle is approx. 330mL..that’s at least 3million beers on the wall!!

To be honest though, Heineken was never my preferred choice of beer. I always found it a bit too bitter with a lingering aftertaste without the ‘beer’ taste that I liked. (not that I’m a beer expert or a heavy drinker..) Well, Heineken was quite different in europe, like many other things (chocolate, pork meat, vacation days, etc.). Heineken had a much cleaner taste. A must try if you’re in Europe!


Heineken Ingredient: Barley, Water, Hops and Heineken ‘A’ yeast
How to drink a Heineken: When a bartender pours you a glass, it usually has a 2cm head, which protects the beer and has the bitterest taste from the hop. Avoid drinking the head. They actually teach you this during the tour and after 3 tasters, everyone had no problem perfecting this skill. (It’s all about the speed of drinking..) 😛


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3 Responses to Heinekein Experience in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. Maheen M says:

    That is great you got to tour the Heinekein Experience, I missed it when I was in Amsterdam. Heinekein tastes better in Amsterdam than here at home. Hope you are having a great trip!!

  2. roy says:

    try stella artois, plenty of that in canada 🙂

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