René Magritte Museum, Brussels Belgium

Brussels, Belgium   Brussels, Belgium

I was sooooo excited!  We actually tried to go to the museum in January but had the wrong address.  Well, we went to the house museum in the outskirt of Brussels.  You see, there are two René Magritte museums..One is his old house and the other is a part of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFA).   His paintings are at the RMFA, which is right in downtown Brussels near the Royal Palace of Brussels.

Magritte MuseumAnyways, he has always been my favorite artist!  My bizarre art forms in high school art class were all inspired by his art and the messages that I got from them.  My interpretation of them may have been a little different from other people’s but hey, apparently that’s what René Magritte wanted from his art viewers. 

The museum is three floors and goes in chronicle order.  If you go, you must get the audio guide, it’s very informative and helps you understand the artist and his work so much better.  When he was young, he, not only, painted but also did poster work, photography, book covers and got involved in the film industry.  He viewed painting as his real work though.  He married young and his wife became an inspiration to a lot of his work.   He is Belgian but he also painted in Paris and became friends with Dali and Renoir. He even went into impressionist work for a while but his impressionism work was not received well and was asked by his broker to go back to his original style to be more successful.    He eventually did and produced a lot more great paintings until his death in 1967.  He was 69 years old.

Rene MagritteI thought my favorite painting would have been the Pilgrim or any of his series with the bowler hats as they were my inspiration to my headless art forms in high school and ever since it was figured in the Thomas Crown Affair movie but it was not.  My favorite was L’empire des lumiéres.  

At first, L’empire des lumiéres is an ordinary painting.  You look at little closer and notice the juxtaposition of the daylight sky with the night streets with a house and only two windows lighted.  It’s so mysterious..and I start to wonder what is happening in that house…possessed?  It’s one of the best examples of René Magritte’s surrealist angle of portraying everyday objects in a way that would never happen.  I love it! 😀

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One Response to René Magritte Museum, Brussels Belgium

  1. Maheen says:

    That is awesome that you got a chance to visit his museum! I love the bowler hats as well!! Safe travels, see you when you get back!

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