Belgium’s Three Big Cities


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and was always busy when we visited.  The roundabouts are multiple lanes and heavy traffic seems to be an everyday event, even on the weekends.  The majority of people spoke French but the country is bilingual, French and Dutch.  I tried to use a bit of my high school French..but we found that it’s better to just speak English if you’re not fluent.  Once you speak one word of the native language, you have to be ready for a full conversation in a foreign language.. 😕  Not to worry though, Brussels is a relatively big city and very tourist friendly.  Lots of places to see, eat and enjoy…in English!



The day we visited Antwerp, it was cold and windy.  We were early for the tram tour so we walked around and found this memorial place set for the Canadian armies who played a pivotal role in clearing the area during the second world war..Battle of the Scheldt.  It was neat to find a place that was honoring Canadians for their efforts during the war.  So, I started wondering if there were many places like this..apparently, yes!  There are even tours that you could go on! Canadian War History Tours.




Bruges is a nice little quaint town and also my favorite of the three Belgium cities that we visited.  It’s surrounded by canals and small cobblestone streets that date back to medieval times.  A lot of the medieval architecture is also in tact.  The touristy areas are filled with home-made chocolates and lace stores.  It was fun just walking up and down the streets enjoying the view and atmosphere.  A very relaxing town. 🙂


Regardless of which three cities you visit though, you could always enjoy great chocolate, mussels, beer and waffles! 😉



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5 Responses to Belgium’s Three Big Cities

  1. Maheen says:

    Oooo, you make me want to travel to Brussels right now!!!

  2. Roger says:

    You made it to Bruges! My favourite place in Europe by far!

  3. XIAO PO says:

    great pictures taken

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