Visiting the Big House in Atlanta, GA

So, after working 7 years at my company, I was pretty excited when I found out that the next trip was to Atlanta, GA, where our headquarters is located.  I wasn’t planning to work at the ‘big house’ during the trip but I thought it would be great to see the building from the outside, at least…(Okay, maybe that’s a bit weird..)  Anyways, so when my co-worker offered to drive by the building on our second day there, I was prepared – sat in the back seat of the rental car and got my tourist camera out.  Ready to Shoot!  I imagined a multi-storey corporate building in a busy commercial or financial area, surrounded by other corporate buildings.  I’ve heard how nice the building was so also something fancy in front of the building..and another multi-storey parking lot building to accommodate all the employees’ cars.  haha..So, what did I get on my camera?  A driveway leading into the woods.  Who knew our corporate office would be in the middle of the woods..and why did my co-worker even offer to drive by the building!? you can’t see anything. 😕 Without the directional signs, I would have believed it’s an entrance to a kids summer camp. 😉  The picture below is from google.. 😛

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2 Responses to Visiting the Big House in Atlanta, GA

  1. Maheen says:

    OOOOoo!!! I love being a tourist with my camera as well!

  2. roy says:

    Started in Seattle, Washington, then moved HQ to Greenwich, Connecticut, then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia (hiding under the woods)

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