Addicted to Chicago Hot Dogs

I was doing so well with my healthy diet to lose some pounds for my friend’s wedding.  Then came the last minute trip…Chicago!  Bad news.

First, we stopped by a local hot dog place right by the airport..then a snack to soothe the long day at work..then downed one last hot dog before heading back to Toronto at the airport.  3 dogs in 3 days. 😦

It wasn’t helpable though.  I love hot dogs in general.  Last year, when we were in Sao Paolo, Brazil and I saw an umbrella on a sunny day at the corner of a sidewalk, I thought it was a hot dog stand, not a valet parking stand. Even my co-workers now point out hot dog stands/trucks for me.. It’s one of my cravings while I travel to different parts of the world. (Weird..I know but they are not as common as people think!)  People of Chicago and Toronto, enjoy your hot dogs! 😛

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2 Responses to Addicted to Chicago Hot Dogs

  1. Maheen says:

    Mmmmm, hot dogs! Have you tried Kobe Sausages? I would definitely recommend them. 🙂

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