Beach!!! Scheveningen, NL

I could never pronounce the word ‘Scheveningen’ properly but really enjoyed the visit to the popular beach area in the Netherlands.  It’s 10mins west of Hague and often crowded by people on a nice sunny day.  There are sculptures of characters from children’s story books and a lot of restaurants lined up along by the beach with direct access to the water.  People walked along the long wide boardwalk looking at sculptures, enjoying the view and the weather.  My co-worker and I ate at Sol Beach, a fusion mexican restaurant.  The self bbq platter was fun and tasty at the same time.  Beach on the right, Food in the front, Beer on the left…What is there not to like? 😀

Scheveningen Beach  Scheveningen Boardwalk

Scheveningen Boardwalk  Scheveningen Lunch

Oh yeah! And, it was country music festival day.  It was a very unexpected scene and weird to me..Europeans in cowboy boots and hats line dancing to country music. 😉

Line Dancing in NL  Scheveningen Country Line Dancing

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2 Responses to Beach!!! Scheveningen, NL

  1. Maheen says:

    So awesome!!! When are you heading back?

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