Normal Life in Eindhoven, NL

Well, as normal as it can get while traveling for work.  Usually, we stay at one place approx. 3 weeks and stay at a hotel.  This time, we are here for 3 months and staying at an apartment.  So, what a good reason to make the most of it. 😀

I go grocery shopping every week.  There are familiar brands but most of the time, it a trial-and-error process.  For example, they don’t have Raisin Bran cereal..I opted for this All bran with fruits cereal.  😦

Eggs are stored in normal shelves (not refrigerated); whereas, vegetables are shelved in refrigerators.  I guess it makes sense.

Bike paths are definitely my favorite part of staying in the Netherlands for an extended time.  You could go everywhere on a bike!  There are paths everywhere and so convenient. 

That’s my bike for 3 months.  Borrowed from a co-worker! 🙂

For Netherlands bike paths:

Patio/bar is a part of normal life here.  People seem to go to the same bar often and mingle with the same people.   My co-worker showed us his favorite bar and he bumped into many of his friends.  Oh yeah, in the Netherlands, it’s three kisses – left-right-left when greeting a lady.  I can never get used to this.  It’s always my most awkward moments. 😛

Anyways, during Eurocup2012, I tried to go out and enjoy the atmosphere.  I was looking forward to some Dutch style celebrations but they didn’t win..booo…

And then, there are things I will never get use to.  Outdoor urinals!  I keep seeing them.  There are just for men and the covers vary from no coverage like this one to some coverage.  Overall, it’s just gross..People just go pee in the middle of the street!  My co-worker HAD to try it..I walked away as far as I could and looked far far in another direction. 😕

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4 Responses to Normal Life in Eindhoven, NL

  1. Maheen M says:

    That is great to hear that you are settling in nicely. Looking forward to hearing about your stories when you are back.

  2. XIAO PO says:

    it is european style, outdoor urinals great for guys hahahahaha 😛

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