Escher Museum in Hague, NL

Oooo…I remember my grade 10 Calculus teacher, Mrs. Sidorevski talking excitedly about Escher.  She was the first one who told me about M. C. Escher, the graphic artist who was famous for his mathematical incorporation in his art.  I think we even attempted to create our own version of the Escher drawings.  It is amazing what an influence a great teacher could have in our lives.. :)Anyways, the visit to the Escher Museum in Hague, NL was a lot of fun!  Not only does it store many of his paintings and prints, the third floor is set up with fun interactive activities that challenges your perception of depth and distance as an extension of Escher’s art work.  A must visit if you’re in Hague.

Escher Museum Escher Museum Escher Museum Escher Museum Escher Museum Escher Museum

I can’t wait to get my own apartment and hang my own Escher prints on the walls.  Someday… 😛

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3 Responses to Escher Museum in Hague, NL

  1. Maheen says:

    That is soo cool, I did not know he had his own museum! I love his work too!

  2. XIAO PO says:

    equations of plane- intersection- excellent

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