Museum de Gevangenport

Hague Gevangenpoort0_2012.7.14Got into a bit of an awkward situation! Well, it happens when you’re traveling and don’t speak the language. We were waiting for a tour at the Museum de Gevangenport. We missed the first tour because we misunderstood the meeting location.   Then, we couldn’t go on the second tour because we were scheduled for the first one and the second tour was already fully booked. So, finally after of 1.5 hours of waiting, we went on the third tour. This waiting time involved some frustrated dialogue between my co-worker and the ticket seller, awkward glances between my other co-worker and me, but we finally went on the tour.

Hague Gevangenpoort4_2012.7.14The tour was alright. Was it worth waiting for 1.5hrs and enduring through an awkward argument? Probably not.  Also, they only had the tours in Dutch, which meant we read the English booklet while the tour guide spoke in Dutch. You have to move as a group so even if you read faster than the tour guide speaks, you have to wait to get to the next area. Grrr..

Hague Gevangenpoort5_2012.7.14 (2)Anyways, it’s a medieval prison museum that once also functioned as an inbetween place after being caught and sentenced.  It housed political prisoners to regular petty criminals. The tour showcased all sorts of torture mechanisms and tools, cells for the poorer people and luxury rooms for the wealthier political prisoners. The place was a prison/gate house since 1428 and became a museum since 1882. An interesting peek at a historical place in Hague. (Not recommended if you’ve already seen another medieval prison. It’s all the same. Isn’t it?)

Hague Gevangenpoort5_2012.7.14  Hague Gevangenpoort2_2012.7.14

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