Delayed at Eindhoven Airport

I thought I had a perfect plan to visit friends in Birmingham, UK for the weekend.

Got my cheap Ryanair ticket-CHECK! (Or perhaps, this was already the doom of my weekend)
Got my National Express Coach Bus ticket from London to Birmingham-CHECK!
Purchased new cabin bag to fit Ryanair strict dimensions 50x20x40cm-CHECK!
Figured out local bus system in Eindhoven (only €3 to the airport!)-CHECK!

What else was there to prepare?

Prepare for insane delays at the airport-…..not check

Last night, I had even gotten paranoid about my new cabin bag..I read these online reviews about people being charged €50 to check their bags for even a slight increase to their weight 10kg and dimensions limits. It was too late for me to change to a checked luggage for €15 online so, I ended up packing light into a backpack instead (a rare occurrence for me). This morning, I woke up super early (for my standard) and arrived on time at the airport. I didn’t even let a random old man trying to give me his €3 on the bus spoil my happy weekend mood. (Did he think I was a bus attendant!? Homeless? Not sure. He spoke Dutch).

Anyways, but now I’m still sitting at the Eindhoven airport watching the departure board for new flight time info..Original time: 9:25. First delayed time: 15:45. Updated delayed time: 11:30.(Getting better at least) One thing Ryanair does well..They keep their costs low..No info desk in sight to complain. *sigh*

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2 Responses to Delayed at Eindhoven Airport

  1. XIAO PO says:

    life is a journey it is not destination

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