My Weekend Journey from Eindhoven, NL to Birmingham, UK

It was my first trip alone in Europe so I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I had my route mapped and everything seemed to be in order. 

Saturday morning:

7:30am – I left the apartment and walked 5 mins to the Eindhoven train/bus station.  

7:55am – I took Bus 401 and headed to the Eindhoven Airport.  The bus is an honor system.  You get on the bus and pay the machine in the middle of the bus.  Two guys standing by the machine told me the machine was broken so I sat there feeling guilty.  Later, I saw another passenger pay and get the ticket from the machine.  Those two guys were lying!  So, I paid the 3euros and memorized the two guys faces.  Criminals!! – They did not pay and lied. 

8:03am – Arrived at the Eindhoven Airport and lined up to get my passport checked because all non-euro passports need to even if you are not checking any bags.  Meanwhile, I spied on everyone’s cabin baggage sizes.  My knapsack fitted perfectly into the cabin baggage checker. hee.

8:40am – Grabbed a yogurt and waited for boarding. 

8:45am – Flight delay notified by the departure board. 😦

9:00am – Browsed the duty free shop and saw gigantic lollipops! Imaged many ways I could eat, break, take the lollipop on the plane. 

9:14am – Finally, decided they wouldn’t allow another ‘carry-on’ so just left the lollipop tree as is and sat down to surf the net. 

9:55am – Frustrated..there was no way to pay for wireless internet at the Eindhoven Airport.  It directed to a website to pay then doesn’t give any fields to enter in credit card info.  Decided to watch people instead.

10:25am – Finally, they announced that the next flight will be at 11:30am. 

10:30am – Called National Express Coach that I won’t make it to the booked bus time.  They were pleasant and said I could change the time when I arrive with a fee of 5pounds.  

11:30am – Yay! Finally, boarded the plane after 2 hours delay.  Ryanair had no assigned seats.  First come First seated.  Sat by the window and slept through the hour ride. 

11:55am – Arrived in London-Stansted airport.  Lined-up at the non-european line for approx 20mins.  They seemed to be asking more questions to each person.  Tighter security due to the upcoming Olympics?

12:30am – Directed by currency booth to just take cash out from ATM machine.  First machine just gave me my balance. 😕  Second one gave me the cash for the weekend. 😀

12:45am – Stopped by airport shop to purchase a sandwich, drink and chip for 3pounds. Deal!

1:05pm – Arrived at National Express Coach office to exchange ticket.  “A bus to Birmingham just left.” said the lady with British accent.  Fail! 😦

1:20pm – Ate my sandwich and chips.  Yum..smoky bacon chips!!

2:40pm – Bus arrived. Boarding time!  Fell asleep for the first 3 hours of the bus ride.It’s too bad because I could have seen some of London..but I could not fight the heavy sleep mode.. darn it! 😐

6:40pm – Arrived at Birmingham!!! Greeted by my friend at the bus station.  I was ready to begin my weekend! Woohoo~!

Monday morning..

1:00am – Took the coach bus from Birmingham to London-Standsted.  No pictures because it was dark and too busy sleeping. 

4:00am – Arrived at the London-Standsted airport and surprised by how many people there were at the airport.  So crowded!! Again, no pictures because half asleep mode. 😐

5:30am – Set my alarm for 6:15am and fell asleep at the gate.

6:22am – Rushed through the crowd to the other side of the airport gate..

6:30am – Oh..people not being able to fit their cabin bag in the checker..drama! 3/4 awake now. 🙂

6:40am – Boarded the plane.

9:00am – Arrived in Eindhoven!!  They asked a lot of questions again.  I didn’t have my return ticket to Canada but the customs officer was nice and let me go. 🙂

9:30am – Picked up by my co-workers and headed to work (but not before a car wash)!

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2 Responses to My Weekend Journey from Eindhoven, NL to Birmingham, UK

  1. Maheen says:

    Love the play by play! It is like I was there with you! 🙂 Your pictures on facebook were awesome; looks like you had a blast!

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