Hunter Valley, AU Wine Tasting

Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU

Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU

I’ve been meaning to go wine tasting in Niagara Falls forever..but who knew, I would get to go outside of the country first!  Well, it was all thanks to my fantastic co-worker, my unofficial manager, father figure when I’m travelling.  😀

It was an awesome weekend!  There were around 50 wineries, all close to one another.  All the wine tastings were free!  ‘No worries’ to as many tastings you’d like.  We managed to go to 5 wineries for wine tastings, 1 winery tour, 2 cheese factories and 2 chocolate stores. 😉

The region is known for the Semillon and Shiraz wines so we had plenty of those.  My favourites were Semillon 2012 at the McLeish Estate, Verdelho 2012 at Mount Pleasant, Maria 2008 at Mount Pleasant, Moscato at Ballabourneen and The Cracker 2009 at Hope.  Too bad they don’t sell any of these in Canada..Most of these boutique wineries catered to the visitors and some Australian restaurants.

Hunter Valley AU photo3

I usually don’t like even white wines but the Semillons and Verdelhos are delicious! Semillons are harvested, juiced, filtered and stored in stainless steel barrels for 2-3 months before being bottled.  Because they are not stored in oak barrels, they don’t have the ‘oaky’ taste or smell.  The younger Semillons are crisp and fresh, a great drinking wine.  They are also unique in that they can be kept up to 20 years.  The Verdelhos..I like to think of them as the fruitier version of the Semillons. 😉 I’m so tempted to open one bottle now but trying to wait until my mom visits this coming weekend.

Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU

Some fun facts:

  • Apparently, Canadian wines are not highly regarded in the wine industry except the Canadian Ice wine.
  • Napa Valley, CA has some of the ‘oak’iest wines in the world.
  • Australia has some of the oldest wine trees in the world.  They were brought from France.  The ones in France were burned in a fire.
  • The smaller oak barrels cost $1,400 each and could be used for 5 years before its taste runs out.
  • The bigger oak barrels $15,000 each and could be used for 50 years.
  • One oak tree would produce two bigger oak barrels.
  • Kangaroos don’t eat the grapes! 🙂

Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU Hunter Valley AU

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4 Responses to Hunter Valley, AU Wine Tasting

  1. Maheen says:

    So wine tasting in Australia totally trumps Niagara on the Lake! Hope you are able to bring some wine back with you!

  2. iris says:

    i like the fact about kangaroos not eating grapes!
    how long are you there for?

  3. XIAO PO says:

    ICE WINE – long live British Columbia.

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