St. George Open Air Cinema in Sydney

Open Air Cinema Open Air Cinema

St George Open Air Cinema is an annual summer event in Sydney. This year, it was held from January 10th to February 16th. The advance tickets were sold out on the day it opened, Dec 13th.  So, it’s a popular event for the local and tourists. We were very disappointed when we missed out on the advance tickets…but that didn’t stop us! Door Sales. 😀

First movie attempt: The impossible. My co-worker and I arrived at the event at 5:30pm. Movie starts after the sunset.  There was already a line-up but we were hopeful since the website said there were 100 available tickets. Once the people with advance tickets entered, the door sales began. We got close to the ticket booth…only six people in front of us then they announced, “Sorry, we’re out of door sale tickets now.” 😦 They added, “There will probably be people not showing up so we will give you a number for your spot in the line and you could come back at 8pm before the show begins. If there are seats available, you will be able to buy tickets.” – Sold. 😀 We just had 2 hours to kill. We paid for the parking meter then went to search for a place to eat. Darn – No place to eat around except inside the venue and we’re not allowed in without a ticket. 😦 We decided to walk..Lucky for us, it was Wednesday, day the Australian Gallery opens for longer hours. 10mins walk. Salad and Sandwiches. 😦 Oh well, good dinner was not our objective tonight. We got back to the event at 8pm. The late advance ticket purchasers continued coming until 8:30pm. Darn – we shouldn’t have told the one couple the correct directions to this place..that could have been seats for us! 8:40pm, they started selling tickets. We’re in!! Woohooooo~ We watched the movie happily ever after. 🙂

Second movie attempt: Skyfall. We were better prepared this time and there was less line-up. We got in at 6pm!!! There was plenty of time to enjoy fish and chips + beer and pictures before the movie. 🙂

Definitely, one of my favorite events in Australia!

Open Air Cinema Sydney  Open Air Cinema SydneyOpen Air Cinema Sydney  Open Air Cinema SydneyOpen Air Cinema Sydney  Open Air Cinema SydneyOpen Air Cinema Sydney  Open Air Cinema Sydney

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