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Good Bye Sydney!

95 days in Sydney, Australia. It has been a long trip!!!!  Would I like to return? Not really. (I’m probably jinxing myself here.) The work pace was too slow for me here. I’ve been told ‘too pushy’, ‘too tough’, ‘too agressive’ really? To … Continue reading

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Cheapest Uggs In Sydney

It took some research to figure this out..So, here’s what I found out. First, you have to decide what is ‘real’ uggs to you. Is it the American brand “Ugg America” with the big ‘G’ in the middle of the label or Australian … Continue reading

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Angel Place Sydney

Angel Place features an installation known as “Forgotten Songs”, which is part of the Laneways: By George! Hidden Networks project. It features a canopy of 120 empty birdcages hanging in the sky, accompanied by the sounds of Sydney’s lost birds which … Continue reading

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Featherdale Wildlife Park vs Taronga Zoo

Which place is better? For me, Featherdale Wildlife Park!! I really enjoyed Featherdale a lot more than Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  Taronga zoo is, of course, a lot bigger with more animals, special events(the Bird Show was awesome!) and in the city but it … Continue reading

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Sydney Fish Market!!

Oooo…loved the fish market in Sydney! After the initial shock of the surrounding ‘fishy’ smells, I was amazed by the freshness and the variety of the fish available. Yum Yum Yum! The best part about this fish market is that you could … Continue reading

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