Good Bye Sydney!

Australia95 days in Sydney, Australia. It has been a long trip!!!!  Would I like to return? Not really. (I’m probably jinxing myself here.) The work pace was too slow for me here. I’ve been told ‘too pushy’, ‘too tough’, ‘too agressive’ really? To the Australians, I was, apparently. I don’t mind being called things or even if they don’t like me but it was frustrating to not get things done. A workstation setup that would have taken a week at home, took 2 months here….To fix ONE door, it is still in progress for the last 4 months. Eh, You get the idea…

Anyways, let me focus on the good things I experienced in Sydney:

McDonald'sDelicious multicultural Food:
Yum! 95 days=285 meals. Australia is similar to Canada a multi-cultural country. A great variety and tasty as well. 🙂
My weekly regular was Thai food. I’ve even explored new menus, Laksa and Pad See Ew. Now, I could say I have four favourite Thai dishes: Pad Thai, Green curry, Laksa and Pad See Ew. LOL. I also tried Kangaroo and Crocodile dishes. I thought ‘chewier’ beef(Kangaroo) and ‘chewier’ chicken(Crocodile)..Don’t need to try again. 😛


Laksa Malasian Style LambLa duree Healthy BurgerHarry's Tiger Pie Lucky Kanzo Sushi OutbackItalian Paul'sBrenner SauteItalian Ding Tai FungVietnamese KoreanBites Ribs and Rumps

Great Weather for the Beach:
I’m not a big beach person but there’s always been great weather for it. Nice beaches everywhere too. On these weather, I headed to the air conditioned malls and ate ice cream or drank bubble tea. 😛

Australia Bondi Beach Australia Bondi Beach Australia Bondi Beach Australia Bondi Beach

Easy Public Transportation System:
Whether it is a ferry, train or bus, they will connect you easily to the different parts of Sydney and its suburbs. Mobile App – Link Express is a great tool to find out what’s the fastest, least walking, least transfers methods. Pictures below are Sydney Monorail but it will be closed soon..July 2013.

Sydney Monorail Sydney Monorail

Attractions near the city:
Sydney Opera House, Habour Bridge, Tarongo Zoo, Darling Habour, Fish Market, Bondi and Manly beaches are all near the city. It was convenient to get around..So, you could see them over and over easily by just getting to the ciyt.I must have seen the Opera house at least ten times. 😛

Australia Open Cinema Sydney Starbucks Opera House Map of Sydney

Well, it’s been interesting – Sydney!  Good bye. 🙂

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5 Responses to Good Bye Sydney!

  1. Maheen says:

    Great pictures – I want to visit Aussie land! 😀

  2. Po San says:

    Hahaahaha the door

  3. Po San says:

    door is force majeure, desole. Je n’ai aucun commentaire. il nest pas normal. Hahaaha

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