Royal Delft Museum

A pleasant and informative visit to the Royal Delft Museum in Delft, NL, approximately 10mins drive from The Hague, NL.

Royal DelftRoyal Delft is the only remaining earthenware factory that produces the world famous Delftware since the 17th century. The tour take you on a journey through the history the century-old pottery and chance to see the authentic production process and meet the artists at work. Also, the showroom presenting both classic and modern Delftware and it’s fun to compare what period and style of potteries you like versus your friends do.

The admission is € 12,00 but you could also get a 25% discount if you print the link ( before your visit. 🙂

Royal DelftThe style of the Royal Delft potteries originated from China and became pretty popular.  When the transport of the potteries became difficult, factories were open in Europe to meet the market demand.  Royal DelftThey also developed a unique method of producing the potteries that involve various stages from mixing the right portions of the exact ingredients to pre-heated in an oven, painted, heated again in an oven then glossed to establish the deep blue color that Royal Delft is famous for.  It was interesting to see that when the artists paint the potteries, the colors show as black but when they are heated again, the color turns out blue.

Anyways, if you like the Royal Delft pottery, it’s an interesting 1.5 hours to learn about the history and the different styles.  My friends had a great idea to learn about Royal Delft at the museum, skip the experience gift store and use the knowledge to pick out the Royal Delft at antique and garage sales.  Royal DelftThe good, high qualities ones are quite expensive!

The photo on the right is Delft Potteries with Miffy on them.  Wondering why Miffy is on them? Because Miffy is Dutch! 🙂  She originated in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The original Dutch name, Nijntje, is a shortening or diminutive of konijntje, “little rabbit”.  😉

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3 Responses to Royal Delft Museum

  1. Maheen says:

    Awesome! I love Miffy the Rabbit!

  2. Po San says:

    U brin interesting topic, transport and demand, when logistic opportunity cost is high, suppliers will create more factories to produce goods closer to home market.

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