The Peace Palace

The Peace PalaceTo be honest, I did not know a place called, the Peace Palace existed.  Even if I heard of it in the past, I guess it did not fully register in my head.  So, for me, it was a learning and insightful visit.  The free tour walked us through the different stages of how the Peace The Peace PalacePalace came to existence after the World War I and even to how Carnegie, a name I only heard as a famous concert hall in New York, had been involved with the build.  The examples of the international cases that the Palace handles to ensure conflict resolutions between countries and people of different nationalities were also fascinating.  Had I known about this place, would I have been more interested in law and international issues in school? Probably not.  I had always been a math/science nerd but it was great for me to open eyes into a different area.  🙂

The Peace Palace  The Peace Palace

Well, here are some interesting facts about the Peace Palace:

  • The Palace officially opened on August 28, 1913.
  • Andrew Carnegie provided 1.5 Million dollars to build the Palace with a condition that there will be a library.
  • To build, the foundation called for an international competition and the winner was The Peace PalaceLouis Cordonnier, a French architect with his Neo-Renaissance design.
  • The scene in Skyfall where M is being questioned is a courtroom in the Palace.
  • Inside is filled with many gifts from different countries and guided tours are available only on weekends.
  • The visitor center opens dailys until October and provides great information and short films about the Palace.




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