In-N-Out Burger

I finally stopped by an In-N-Out burger by San Francisco airport on Washington street. The hype seems to be real with drive through line curving around to the second street.  I attempted to park by circling the lot twice then gave up quickly..1. There was no parking spot 2. It was raining.  3. I felt gross after 5 hours of flying in my grungy airport gear.  Long drive-through line up it is.


img_20161016_145528It took 20mins for me to be greeted by a young cashier on the drive through line with a iPad menu with plastic laminated paper menu hanging from her iPad (Oh!  They have a special process to accommodate the long line up..intercom seems too close to the food pick-up. Bonus points!)  Then, there was the menu.  There was 3 choices..double burger, cheese burger and regular burger w/ assortment of fries, smoothies and drinks.  “Is this all that is on the menu? It’s my first time here.”, I asked. “Yep”, an answer came back..Ok..a cheeseburger, it is.  My high expectation of a spectacular burger reduced a bit.  Still hopeful after 30mins of waiting at this point, I continued along the queue.

img_20161016_155800Ok, so here is my verdict.  It’s a burger.  Nothing spectacular or awesome about it.  I prefer the Shake Shack, Five Guys, Burger Priest over In and Out and the small burger place (El Hamburguer) in Puerto Rico still holds my top place for a burger.  I guess it’s special because It’s only in California and not everyone has access to it(?)  Like many other reviews, the fries are terrible.  I prefer McDonald’s strawberry smoothies.. For burger fanatics, it’s worth a try..just so that you could say you’ve had it but for everyone else, you are not missing much.

p.s. Yes, I’m back!  After 3 years of hiatus from blogging, it’s good to be back writing again. And, looking forward to my new assignment that promises more traveling! 🙂

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3 Responses to In-N-Out Burger

  1. Allan L says:

    Welcome back to travelling the world!

  2. Donna Chung says:

    Just saw this on my WP Reader! Yay for more blogging!
    Next time, get Double Double, Animal Style. OK? 🙂
    I do like Five Guys a lot but I can’t get In N Out in WA so that’s my go-to when I’m in CA.

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