Beautiful Dalles combined with Tax Free Shopping Makes a Perfect week

My travels in the US are usually to rural industrial areas, far from the bustling city life or scenic landscapes but there is always an exception. That would be Dalles, Oregon. 🙂  The hourlong drive for Portland airport to Dalles is one of the most scenic drives that I had to do for work.  It includes mountains, waterfalls, river..beautiful overall!   I was driving so didn’t have any pictures of the drive but a full rainbow suprised us on one of the days in beautiful! 

Off to collect the pot of gold..

And now to taxfree shopping in Portland!  A much needed retail therapy..(although my retail therapy seems to be constant in the US with the unlimited online options..but taxfree seems to bring that extra little excitement! :P) My only question would be..Why can’t it be tax free shopping everywhere!? It’s so awesome to pay as per price tag. I bought a hat and scarf in a small shopping area in Nob Hill, not being prepared for the colder weather, and thought there was a surprise sale..only to realize that they charged me as per the price tag but no tax. Lol. Life is good when shopping is good. 😉

*Sigh* Only if I had unlimited luggage space…

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