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Catacombs of Paris

One of the most fascinating places that I’ve visited! Stacks of bones and skulls..displayed in a ‘romantic’ way. Well, that was one way the audio guide explained it. We made it in on the 2nd day attempt. (There is always a … Continue reading

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The Peace Palace

To be honest, I did not know a place called, the Peace Palace existed.  Even if I heard of it in the past, I guess it did not fully register in my head.  So, for me, it was a learning … Continue reading

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“Dogging” in UK

Interesting discussion topic after two days of all day meetings and a few drinks with co-workers..the phenomenon(?) of dogging in UK. Direct quote from wiki: Dogging is a British English euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or … Continue reading

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Royal Delft Museum

A pleasant and informative visit to the Royal Delft Museum in Delft, NL, approximately 10mins drive from The Hague, NL. Royal Delft is the only remaining earthenware factory that produces the world famous Delftware since the 17th century. The tour take you on … Continue reading

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Worse Day Trip Ever to Capri, Italy

Wish I had a fond memories of Capri as it is a beautiful island but I don’t. We missed the train, the bus, the ferry and the blue groto tour that we went all the way there for. Tour ends … Continue reading

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Prague Prague Prague!!

What a beautiful city!!! The ride from the airport to the old town is somewhat boring and looks similar to any other city/highway.  However, when you enter the old town in Prague, you will realize why you are visiting there. … Continue reading

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My Weekend Journey from Eindhoven, NL to Birmingham, UK

It was my first trip alone in Europe so I was excited and nervous at the same time.  I had my route mapped and everything seemed to be in order.  Saturday morning: 7:30am – I left the apartment and walked 5 mins … Continue reading

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